Commercial Projects

AvanceFloors floorboards complement any commercial space; offices, shop floors, restaurants and hotels to name
but a few. The high quality of materials and the added protective layers make for a floor fit to welcome any clientele. Indeed,
your most heavily visited spaces will benefit most.  

Perfect eye for detail

Amusement park offices, Netherlands Creating the ultimate fairy-tale experience every day is hard work. The offices of this large Dutch amusement park are bustling with activity. One thing that characterises both the park itself and the spaces behind the scenes: a perfect eye for detail. The chosen floor is a case in point. The AvanceFloors Bagan Premier planks in fixed lengths are of premium quality and have a neutral look. The exact look that suits this office.

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Skinny jeans or all suited up

Riccovero store, Oslo, Norway Every lady or gentleman in Norway is familiar with Riccovero. It’s where they go to find their new skinny jeans or to get all suited up. Casual or formal; Riccovero’s style is always elegant and timeless. Just like the floor in the store: an extra wide parquet floor in Double Smoked White. By AvanceFloors of course. Read more about this project.    

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Van der Valk Hotel, Apeldoorn NL

Bagan brings fresh ambience | Both the lobby and the conference hall of the Van der Valk hotel De Cantharel were overdue for a makeover. The hotel opted for an AvanceFloors hardwood floor in Bagan, which immediately brought a fresh tone to the interiors of both spaces. The quality is such that the floor is likely to keep this radiance for many years to come. Besides the hardwood floor we also refreshed the staircase with a fully custom-made AvanceFloors production that fits beautifully with the...

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Kahve Dünyasi, Istanbul TY

Warmth and mirth with AvanceFloors Bagan | Some of the most delicious coffee and tasty chocolate originate from Istanbul and Kahve Dünyasi serves these in a welcoming, homely atmosphere. Customers feel right at home, enjoying their treats and talks while resting their feet on a floor that only adds to the cosy mix. We suggested that Kahve Dünyasi's hardwood floor should be in Bagan and they've only heard praise since.

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Smit Clothing, Delft NL

Finely sawn hardwood for a free-spirited feel | This clothing company opted for an AvanceFloors finely sawn hardwood floor in Bagan. The fresh, bold and free-spirited result fits neatly with the store's collection and image. 

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