...in the bathroom

It may not be the obvious option and, indeed, it isn't everyone’s choice. Still, having a hardwood floor in your
bathroom is a fabulous idea. Think about it: luxuriously comfortable and elegantly chic, an AvanceFloors
hardwood floor in the bathroom is a unique addition to your home. 

Bathing like a king or queen

The surface of any AvanceFloors floorboard is already impermeable to water and humidity. So the key to a lifetime of bathing like a king is to eliminate any and all gaps between floorboards. If your wish is to have a comfortable hardwood surface around the bath, make sure you work with the best installing professionals available. With AvanceFloors you'll need look no further. We have professionals on hand to help you realise the watertight floor of your dreams.


... and floor heating

…and floor cooling

…in the kitchen

…in apartments

…to last a lifetime