...in apartments

Hardwood floors used to have a reputation for being the downstairs neighbours’ nightmare:
any bump and footfall would resound loudly in the floor below. Proper sound insulation for
floors have made this a thing of the past, and the hardwood floor a compliment to any apartment.

Your cosy apartment, your comfortable floor

Most apartment buildings have rules that include sound insulation criteria for flooring. These are available from your Owner's Association, housing corporation or the local municipality. Do make sure you use a sound reducing floor underlay. We also recommend laying a floating floor, to keep footfalls and other sounds under 11dB.

A hardwood floor is a fantastic way to upgrade your apartment. A brightly toned wood does wonders for a darker apartment space, while extending your floor into the bedroom and kitchen creates a truly spacious feel.


... and floor heating

…and floor cooling

…in the kitchen

…in the bathroom

…to last a lifetime