AvanceFloors offers you the ingenious Six Simple Steps online selection process. With nine beautiful colours as a starting point, 
AvanceFloors allows you to create your unique, personal floor. Get creative by following the links below!

Step 5: Choose your finishing 

At AvanceFloors we carefully sand every hardwood floorboard and bring it to the desired colour and hue. This gives the wood its
natural, warm radiance. Your floor reflects your personal style, whether it be modern, classic or rustic. Aside from our ‘standard’ floors
we also offer additional finishing options, which can be combined with the colour of your choice.

Bevelled edges

Your floor comes standard with bevelled edges, as opposed to square edges. Put those bevel-edged planks together on the floor, and the bevels form V-shaped grooves between the floorboards. This stresses the fact that your floor consists of separate, unique planks. Do you prefer a more uniform surface? Simply choose a floor with square edges!

Aged hardwood

Would you prefer a floor with an aged, lived-in appearance? With small indentations and irregularities? Then ask to have your AvanceFloors floorboards aged. A specialist technique applies random imperfections that would otherwise take many years to accumulate. This gives your floor the aged quality and character you desire: an authentic contrast to modernist furnishings and a fitting complement to any rustic ambience.

Brushed hardwood

Wooden floorboards distinguish themselves through their beautiful natural structure, the grain. If you would like to accentuate this feature, ask about the AvanceFloors brushed hardwood finish. Treatment with a rough brush machine brings a characteristic emphasis to the classic wooden grain. When choosing this finish, consider adding a coloured oil as well. Coloured oils penetrate deep into the wood veins, bringing out a mesmerising colour contrast. Brushed hardwood floors by AvanceFloors bring out the wood’s natural and charming lustre.

Finely sawn floorboards

Are you looking for more untamed personality in your floor? Ask about the AvanceFloors finely sawn finish. A specialist sawing procedure brings a vibrantly uneven appearance to the wood with pleasantly rustic irregularities. A bold and lively finish that makes a strong impression!